Work/Life Balance – [The Loan Wolves Podcast – Ep. 01]

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Brought to you by the brands of Valmar Holdings, The Loan Wolves podcast is a series of engaging, informative, and entertaining conversations about all things online lending. A diverse variety of experts and operators will share best practices, bad mistakes, and big opportunities, touching every aspect of online lending from origination to collections and beyond. Your hosts from Valmar Holdings are Rick Heaton, Chief Executive Officer, and Mike March, Chief Technology Officer.

In this inaugural episode, Rick and Mike discuss the ever-elusive work/life balance, what that means for them as leaders in the fintech industry, and how they are setting goals with accountability systems to improve in the future. While there may be no such thing as true work/life balance, The Loan Wolves still find ways to take care of their own wellness in the midst of running multiple growing businesses. For example, Mike takes a daily walk to stay active and clear his mind, and Rick loves to read business books as a way to unplug while still honing his craft. Both of your hosts acknowledge that it’s tough to set boundaries around working hours because they are so laser-focused on providing an exceptional experience for their customers; a tension that business owners and operators know all too well. 

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Show Notes:

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